Exciting new opportunity for musical writers

Just saw an exciting opportunity for Australian musical theatre writers. It’s an Australian/American musical theatre project run by the American-based Academy for New Musical Theatre in consultation with Kevin Purcell, one of Australia’s most accomplished musical composers, directors and conductors.

In a nutshell, it’s a 24-month program taking six select musical projects from the go-to-whoa of production. What’s so exciting about this is that right now there really is nothing in Australia like it. And it’s the first time the Academy has offered such a course online outside of the US AND only to Australia.

Now, I don’t know what kinds of strings had to be strummed, played or plucked behind the scenes to get this deal up but it’s certainly well worth it and I’m grateful that they did it.

More details can be found over at Kevin Purcell’s blog here

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